All grooms include bath, blow out, brush out, ear cleaning and plucking, nail trim, and cut

Small breed, short coat                                                $30

(French bulldog , Beagle)

Medium breeds short coat                                           $35

(Lab, Pit bull)

Large breed, short coat                                                $40

(Great danes, Mastiffs)

Small breed trim                                                         $45  (Yorkie)  

Medium breed trim                                                      $50 (Shih tzu, Bichon, Cockapoo)

Large breed trim                                                          $60   (Portuguese water dog, Doodle) 

Natural coated trim                                                      $55

(Australian Shepards, Golden retriever, Shelties)

Large bleed double coated blow out                               $60

(Shepards, Huskies)   


*Listed prices are based on coat condition, frequency of grooming, and temperament. The prices are subject change on site


* All dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations, including rabies and distemper

Grooming is an important part of the overall health and wellness of your dog. We run our grooming schedule on an appointment basis, with an approximate three hour turn around time. We offer both morning and afternoon appointments. The majority of our clients pre book on a regular basis of their choosing (every 4,6,8 weeks) and maintain that schedule throughout the year. We offer a discounted 'fluff and buff' rate in-between full grooming if you like to keep your dog looking fresh. 

"I use Cloud K9 and have been for years with several of my dogs for grooming and daycare. Laura is phenomenal with the pups. She took special care of my senior collie who couldn’t  stand for his grooming. For this, I will always be grateful. She now has my two senior bichons and is so patient with them and all their anxieties. The staff is knowledgeable, kind, fun, and they get to know the dogs in their care like they are their own. If your looking for a personal touch for your babies try them out! "


Need flexibility with drop off & pick up? 

Half day of daycare with groom available for $18

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Closed Weekends!



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