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     We offer grooming services to approximately 5-10 dogs per day as an addition to your playtime, and also as outside appointments.  Our grooming appointments overlap during the day, therefore crate time is required.  We will communicate with you regarding your dog’s lifestyle and coat maintenance.  Our goal is to come up with a grooming schedule that best suits your dog’s comfort and health, and maintain that schedule throughout the year.  Owner and Lead Groomer Laura Federspiel, has 13 years of grooming experience.  She can accommodate all grooming requests, from shave downs to long scissored trims, and everything in between.   


     At Cloud K9 you will receive the highest level of customer service.  We take pride in getting to know you, and your dog, as individuals.  We strive to offer personalized and tailored services to meet your dog’s specific needs.  Communication is a top priority.  We will touch base with you regularly about your dog’s experience with us, health concerns, behavioral concerns, and their particular needs.  If there are issues, we will be upfront about what they are and how we handle it.    


    We make every effort to know our customers, address you by name, and make you feel comfortable and at home in our facility.  The better we know you, the better we are able to meet your dog care needs and provide you with a great experience.  At Cloud K9, everyone feels like they’re on cloud 9!

   We are a top notch grooming and daycare facility in Merrimack NH.  Our 2800 square foot facility, with an additional 1700 square feet of turfed outdoor play space, is the perfect place for your dog to get some exercise, have a spa day, and meet a bunch of fantastic pooch pals.      

We care for approximately 60 dogs per day in our daycare, and safety is a main concern.  Our staff are experienced and knowledgable in matters of group social behavior and dog body language.  We monitor and organize groups to promote healthy play, and limit bullying.  Offering a range of activities including toy time, obedience training, and daycare games, allows us to keep your dog engaged and active.  We are NOT a crate free facility.  If your dog needs a break to relax, regroup, or have a snack, they’ll get it.




Closed Weekends!



29 Columbia Circle

Merrimack, NH 03054